Dayoon Lah


Dayoon gained her admission to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in December 2009.

Dayoon graduated with a combined law degree in Commerce/Law and a major in accounting from the University of New South Wales. She completed a clerkship as a Tax Analyst at a Big 4 Accounting firm in Sydney and worked at a boutique law firm in Sydney CBD where she practised in general commercial and corporate law.

Dayoon is fluent in Korean and is familiar with all aspects of business development needs in the Korean market and the opportunities for skilled workers to immigrate to Australia. With her bilingual background, she had the opportunity to work in major research and development industries as well as global industry networks. By bringing her experience and knowledge of international trade developments, particularly to Australia’s economic industries such as telecommunications, mining, defence, energy, rail, and manufacturing, she provides an in-depth understanding of individual case matters and attends to each visa inquiry with a practical approach.

As a legal practitioner and editor for Newstars Education and Migration Group, Dayoon provides concise legal advice on a wide range of immigration matters, while navigating Australia’s complex immigration landscape to write regular content for Newstars client engagement forums.

Outside of work, she enjoys yoga, hiking, and going on family holidays.