tina deng 2021-11-08

Vincent 律师准备的材料很细致很充分, 提名资料批复的速度很快, 一周就下来了,非常感谢


Sarah Sun 2021-10-17

Jason and Vincent helped me a lot in the process of getting my visa. They are very professional and patient. I am very grateful for their help along the way.


M.N. Hasan 2021-06-13

Hi Kirk. Thank you for all the professional advice and support for our AAT case and eventually receiving the 491 invitation. Thanks to Vincent and your team too. you are doing a fantastic job and I am truly impressed with your vast expertise knowledge about this particular field. In addition to your willingness to go an extra mile to make a difference. I wish you all the best and I would strongly recommend anyone for NewStars E&M services with peace of mind and confidence.


史振国 2021-02-12

Ethan and Vincent are the best migration advisers and helpers!