Siyun LAN 2022-08-27

超級推薦 非常可靠!! K神認真負責 效率高~ 超級感謝!!


JLM 2022-08-27

今天下午我朋友从国内的机场紧急微信我需要帮她查找她的永居记录,出境时需要,情急之下,就在群里喊了一嗓子,结果,NewStars的Kirk回复可以帮助查找,两分钟就搞定,真是神速,太给力啦……!现在我朋友已经顺利登机,在此特别感谢Kirk的出手相救,感谢🙏你! This afternoon a friend of mine called me on WeChat from China and she was leaving for Brisbane but she couldn’t find her PR visa approval so she needed my help, but I have no idea where to look so I called for help in my WeChat group and Kirk from NewStars Education responded and he worked it out in two minutes!How amazing! Big thanks to Kirk and my friend is now landed in Sydney and on her way home to Brisbane.


Vicky Z 2022-08-20

Kirk is good and patient agent! 👍 And their team also amazing! Thanks a lot for their help! I was waiting for a long time and worried about that but he always supported and helped me. I believe he can help more people to deal with their problems and help everyone to get what you want!


Heather Liu 2022-08-20

I’ve been working with Kirk for years for different visa applications. It’s a tough and long journey for me, but I’m very grateful for choosing the right agency and right people to work with! Kirk is very knowledgeable and responsive. He will listen to you and understand your situation before giving you any suggestions. I will highly recommend NewStars and Kirk to anyone who are struggling with their visa / PR!


Abby An 2022-08-20

Kirk always provide up to date immigration advices with sounding recommendations. He answered mg enquiries promptly and I am finding his services been fantastic and highly recommended.


W W 2022-08-20



Anya Cai 2022-08-20

I had a great experience. The staff members seem to really know what they are talking about. Knowledgeable about what they do. Would definitely be happy to pass the positive review to everyone I know!


Yu Liu 2022-08-20

靠谱中介 ! 极力推荐!签证一直用他们家


Bella He 2022-08-20

最专业最负责的教育移民机构!!kirk大神yyds 不愧是拿着7部手机的人!前年的pr下签就是在kirk和peter的帮助下十分顺利的下签~父母探亲签证在咨询完kirk老板之后终于有了进程哈哈哈哈哈 感激NewStars


z z 2022-08-20